EconSM Video: Social Media CEOs

imageAs promised — although a little later than hoped due to some internal issues: the panel videos from our first conference, The Economics of Social Media (EconSM), and we will be embedding them here one by one over the next few days. To refresh your memory, EconSM was held on April 26th at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Below is the opening panel, moderated by me: The Social Media C-Level Superpanel; panelists Barak Berkowitz, chairman and CEO, Six Apart; Michael Birch, CEO, Bebo; Tariq Krim, CEO, NetVibes; Richard Rosenblatt, CEO, Demand Media; Herb Scannell, CEO, Next New Networks, held forth on the challenges facing social media as it evolves. The full writeup of the panel is here. (RSS readers will have to click through to watch the video)

The video was shot, edited and produced for us by ScribeMedia.
Also, thanks to all our sponsors who made the conference possible:
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