HTC Shift: what the DualCor cPC should have been?

Htc_shift_shangrila UMPC Portal has some leaked docs that highlight several upcoming HTC products; I had seen one of the Windows Mobile devices at the Boy Genius Report, but Kornel rightly zeroed in on what appears to be the HTC Shift unless it’s a slightly different model. Sure it’s going by the name Shangri-La (X9500), but whatever you call it, you can’t call it a traditional UMPC. Why not? It runs both Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Mobile 6 Professional! While that architecture might sound familiar from another company, I suspect HTC will be more successful at a mass-market product launch.

I won’t steal their thunder so click on over to the UMPC Portal for all of the details. I will state one cautionary note: it appears that this unit uses a Qualcomm chip for the phone side of the house. Due to a pending lawsuit, new phone devices using Qualcomm chips aren’t getting into the U.S. so let’s hope that the legal issues get resolved quickly!