Surf on a virtual iPhone all the live-long day with iPhoney


Case in point above. Well this isn’t good but at least we found out in advance. 😉 How’d we do it? The same way we’ve simulated other mobile devices, apps and screen resolutions: used a simulator! This time it’s iPhoney, which is a free application for Mac OS X that simulates how websites will look on the Apple iPhone. It’s not a full iPhone simulator, but does show how ‘the real Internet’ might look on the device. You can’t do any of the multi-touch zooming or anything fancy and to be honest, I expect sites to look better than this since the demonstrations have all shown the full webpage with zoom options; iPhoney simply resizes the Safari browser to the iPhone resolution of 320 x 480. Hey, it’s the closest I’ll come to seeing jkOTR on an iPhone and I’ve got five bars of virtual signal strength, so humor me.

(via TUAW)