Apple Builds Hype For IPhone With Less

This is a great little story…Reuters has an article on how Apple is using the media to promote its iPhone product — with the ironic result of more iPhone hype. “They want to be as disruptive by their absence as by their presence so they’re happy to have this discussion go on ad nauseam in the media,” said Yankee Group cell phone analyst John Jackson. “This is all a big part of the branding exercise for these guys. We’re pawns in the Apple brand game.” There’s a couple of people warning about over-promising and under-delivering, but Apple seems to advertise fairly basic features of the iPhone and let the press hype do the rest, so there’s an odds-on chance fans will blame the media rather than Apple.

InformationWeek has a piece on the fact that the iPhone won’t support Flash and Java so it doesn’t offer the “full web”. It does support AJAX, though.