Boingo goes flat. And that’s good

Looks like common sense is finally prevailing in the for-fee Wi-Fi business.

Boingo Wireless, a Wi-Fi aggregator is launching a flat rate Wi-Fi plan for the entire planet, which seems like a first step in Wi-Fi price war, and that is just great, repeat great news for the consumer at large. Boingo is introducing two tiered plans – 29 and 39 Euros a month that would allow travelers Wi-Fi Internet access on all Boingo-affiliate networks across the planet, according to The International Herald Tribune.

Boingo offers a $22 a month flat rate plan that is good for US and Canada. T-Mobile USA offers a $20 a month plan to its customers, though non T-Mobile customers have to pay more.

Even if one can use this flat rate plan for say two months while traveling through Europe or moving around Asia, this seems to be worth it. The hotels and other for-fee WiFi networks cost an arm-and-a-bundle, charging like $10 a day or even higher. I had been hit hard by Wi-Fi charges when I used the Starbucks/T-Mobile network in UK last year, and then this year when traveling to India via Frankfurt.

WiFi Networking News believes that sooner-or-later for-fee Wi-Fi is going to cost about $20 a month. Others, like large telephone operators and coffee shops, will throw in free Wi-Fi as a way to build customer loyalty. The Cloud which has a big Wi-Fi network in Britain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden is already looking to go Flat-rate over next few months, according to IHT. They will be boosting the number of hotspots on their network to 15,000.