Frenzic: The Next Bejeweled, Tetris?

frenzic on iphoneCo-Founder of The IconFactory, Ged Maheux has laid-out his idea of a ‘match made in heaven’ and would love for your support in helping achieve it. With Frenzic‘s recent release as the first game to come from The IconFactory, many a Mac-user found their next Tetris.

With the iPhone on the brink of release, what will its requisite time-killing game be? The likes of Tetris, Bejeweled, and Solitaire have filled this void in one shape or another on many preceding cellular phone platforms. So does it not make perfect sense that something as simple yet challenging as Frenzic be leveraged on the brilliant touch interface that the iPhone provides? The potential certainly is huge.

The boys at IconFactory gave their best effort in pitching it to Apple at WWDC 07, but a little insurance doesn’t hurt, right? If you like the sound of this geeky marriage of awesomeness, head over to Apple’s Feedback page and let them know how you feel!