Mobile Central To AT&T’s Operations: CEO

AT&T’s new CEO Randall Stephenson has put the companies mobile phone service at the core of its offerings. “Your wireless phone is your first, most personal decision,” said Stephenson. “It’s something you carry with you” reports the Chicago Tribune. “If you move to another city you’ll probably take your mobile phone with you,” he said. “If we’re your mobile company you’re more likely to get other services from us than someone else.” Stephenson thinks the mobile phone is considered the most important telco service by customers, and the company they choose as a mobile operator is more likely to be the company they choose for fixed-line phones, internet and ordering video. He hopes to speed this along by having a single AT&T experience for the customer across all their services, and the AT&T stores will add broadband, video and voice services to the traditional mobile fare. Hence gaining mobile customers and reducing churn is seen as vitally important not just for AT&T Wireless but for the company as a whole. Any new customers will be sought eagerly, and anything that even gets people through the doors of AT&T stores will be embraced. I hate to mention the iPhone, but it’s a really good example of what AT&T seem to be trying to do.