Fujitsu intros T8140 Tablet in Japan: lightweight and all-day battery life


If you favor battery life over processor performance in your Tablet PC, Fujitsu’s new T8140 Tablet PC might be your best bet. Weighing in at just over three-pounds, you’ll get over seven hours on a standard battery and a whopping eleven hours with an extended batt. Where’s the battery savings coming in? Try the 32-GB SSD drive and a power-miser Intel 1.06 GHz ULV Core 2 Duo CPU. The 12.1-inch convertible is under 1.5 inches thin and sports a 1280 x 800 resolution, which isn’t bad for that screen size. Cost in Japan should run around $2,650; my gut tells me you’ll see this baby at an importer not long after the product launch late next month.