GooCentral… Really?

Big rumor of the day: Google is buying GrandCentral. We checked with GrandCentral and they declined to comment. If it indeed does happen, it would be delicious irony: Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet were with DialPad, which got sold to Yahoo. So this would even the score. GrandCentral has raised about $4 million from Minor Ventures and has been looking to raise more cash. Google dollars might be an easier option.

Many have been wondering why the search giant is buying this start-up? [digg=]
“GrandCentral’s message of One Phone Number, for life also fits nicely with Google’s aspirations to be your one mailbox, and online identity resource,” writes Alec Saunders. Though, I think, this would be Google’s attempt to add more oomph to the Google Apps, integrate GrandCentral and make them more useful for small and medium sized businesses, without disrupting their existing voice infrastructure.

You can read why it would make sense by visiting this hand-on review over on Web Worker Daily. Also, from the archives: Our previous GrandCentral coverage.

(Disclosure: GrandCentral was one of the sponsors of an ETel/GigaOM LaunchPad after party.)