Nokia’s Film Competition Phones It In

Twenty teams get 48 hours to make a 30-second commercial… using only a phone. That’s the hook of Nokia’s recent “Young Creatives Competition: Film.” The contest was part of the International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France. This year’s brief came from MTV who wanted a commercial making the environmentally sustainable lifestyle look sexy. So, with camera-phones in hand, the teams from all over the world had two days to go from concept to commercial.

The young auteurs camera-stylo is the Nokia N93i which boasts a Zeiss lens, 30 fps, and DVD-quality video. Leave it up to the French to take their cinema verité to the a new level.

Camera crews (with full-sized cameras) followed the frantic teams around during the creative process. Interviews with each team, as well as other video content, can be found on the competition’s YouTube channel.

After all the final products were displayed on twenty phones (judging embedded below), the winner was announced and team Italy took home the gold for their commercial on saving water (embedded above). The prize for the winning team gets their ad included in the official Cannes show reel as well as their very own N93i and full delegates registration to Cannes Lions 2008.

With the proliferation of highly mobile high-quality cameras we’ll surely be seeing more and more of these competitions and videos. Who knows when we’ll see when the first Academy award go to a short shot on an iPhone.