iPhone keyboard innovation demonstrated; now I see why it works well


Ah…after watching this new video on the iPhone keyboard, I’m understanding where the true innovation comes from. Give it a look-see for yourself and see if you walk away just a bit more impressed like I did. I wasn’t sold on a virtual keyboard having used one on many Windows Mobile devices as well as some UMPCs, but in typical Apple fashion, they’ve brought innovation to text input. There are several aspects of note, but the one that really got me was using the predictive text system in combination with the keyboard touch sensor.

As you’re typing a word, the iPhone is working in the background to predict the next keystrokes. You won’t see it, but the keyboard actually widens the input sensor area around the next most likely keys so that your fingers can be off by a bit, but you still get the key you want. The above shot shows the input area of the "E" key after typing the "tim" of the word "time". This hasn’t swayed me to get an iPhone, but it does address one of the concerns I had. Excellent innovation….

(via Engadget)