Screencast: Automator Plugins

ottoSince Tiger was released it has seemed to me that Automator was one of the unsung heroes that shipped with the operating system. I’m guessing more people use it than we hear about, but just in case, I wanted to show off the use of Automator when saving workflows as plugins, rather than Automator Workflow Apps.

Automating Free Music (mov)
10 mins / 102mb

The ‘Free Music’ part has to do with the fun weekly mixes found at, nothing shady, so don’t fear the reaper…

Oh, and if the audio is a wee bit quiet, my apologies – I had to use a different mic last night, in a different space than I normally record these things. Hopefully it’s not too bad, but it was a one time circumstance. But as always, feedback is welcome regardless.

Ali’s getting pushy 😉 and wanted the Automator Workflows I’ve already created. And here they are….Do your worst!