AppleGeeks Interview – Part 1

I know you should never start a blog post with a cliche, but the first time I saw an AppleGeeks comic it was love at first sight. Any comic with clever satires, lovable characters, and amazing artwork is bound to turn some heads. But a comic with an Apple theme? Now that’s any Apple fanboy’s (or fangirl’s) dream.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a second to check out the latest comic over at No really, go check it out… I’ll wait.

Being such a big fan of the comic, and fascinated with the huge fanclub that has grown around it, I sent an email over to the creators of AppleGeeks – Mohammad F. Haque, a.k.a. “Hawk”, and Ananth Panagariya. They graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the comic, the writing process, and their love of macs.

First up is Hawk, the man with the digital pen:

TAB: It sounds simple, buy why AppleGeeks? Why not another Batman or Spiderman comic?

Hawk: My brother had the domain lying around and I’m a huge Apple fan. I started off with an Apple computer and fell in love with it ever since. So we thought it would be fun to create something around that. I also share the same birthday as Steve Jobs, so maybe it was destiny?

TAB: Can you walk us through how you create a typical AppleGeek comic?

Hawk: After I get the final script from Ananth, I will draw it on paper. I would use a ruler and create layout and draw in all the scenes. After I finish drawing the computer, depending on my mood and if I have time, I will ink the comic with micron pens. Once the inking is done, I will scan it and color the comic in Adobe Photoshop. That’s pretty much how I work.

TAB: What’s your mac set-up?

Hawk: I have a Mac Pro, 17″ Macbook Pro and Dual G4 PowerMac. I also have a 21″ Cintiq which is connected to my Mac Pro. The Cintiq is a wacom monitor tablet, which allows me to draw right on the monitor. (old setup)

TAB: How have the forums and the AppleGeeks community influenced what you do?

Hawk: The forum allows us to talk to our fans which motivates us to keep going forward.

TAB: What’s the “next big thing” for AppleGeeks? Published comics? Bigger online store?

Hawk: The “next big thing” would be publishing a book…or books. But of course we need the time to do that.

TAB: How did you and Ananth meet? What are the biggest challenges to working together on a single project like this?

Hawk: Ananth and I met during my second year in college (University of Maryland). We took the same art class and became good friends. The biggest challenge would be finding the time to actually sit down, talk about it and actually do it. Ananth and I are very busy people.

TAB: I have to ask… are you picking up an iPhone?

Hawk: I would love to have one. Oh man I really would love one…but I’m stuck with Verizon. I’m still waiting to hear from Apple to give me one though. 😉