Feedster… It’s Back

It’s like those slasher movies… just when you think the series is over, another is hitting the multiplex. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw that Feedster is back .

When comparing the old with the new, it’s quite apparent that we decided to keep only the name from the old design.

With most of its original team having moved on to bigger and better things, it is no surprise that Feedster has fallen out of our conscious.

The San Francisco-based company had raised some new money in July 2006 and hired new team to execute a reboot. Its taken them nearly a year, and that time has been spent on creating a shiny new design, emphasis on widgets and lot more customization. Like Technorati, Feedster apparently is trying to de-emphasize the term blog search, a market that was nuked by Google.

Does the world need Feedster or its new array of services? My guess … Not, but one has to give these guys full marks for trying something different. Any comeback is going to be difficult and an arduous climb back. And of course RSS spam, which takes up prominent position in the results.