FTC: Network Neutrality… Who Needs It?

Sometimes you have to wonder if those who work for big organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission have any touch with reality – you know reality of real people. Nothing else can explain FTC’s latest report on broadband, which pretty much says that there is no need for network neutrality, and there is going to be more competition, so no need for more regulation. More competition? Where? Are they confusing France for US?

Can you call a patchy fixed wireless network from Clearwire a competition against the Cable-DSL duopoly? It takes almost two weeks to get a non-telco DSL connection, if you can get one. They think that things like traffic prioritization, vertical integration of content and connectivity is good for the consumers. Not to mention that it allows for current status quo to continue. Okay… I am going to exhale, and just move on to something else.

If you want to read the 165-page blivet of legalese (good Valium replacement), you can download it from here.