Thursday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Arootz Speeds Video Delivery; this is a startup that loads up the most popular video content on harddrives in homes at off-peak times, easing quality and time constraints of on-demand streaming. We’d talked to them a bit but hadn’t written; BusinessWeek does a profile today. (BusinessWeek)

YouTube One for Two in Lawsuits. Daniela Cicarelli, the supermodel whose sex video was widely posted, has to pay $5,000 to YouTube, iG and Globo, whom she had sued for damages. But 19 more European soccer leagues are also suing the site. (BoingBoing, paidContent)

TV Guide Launching Online Video Awards; c’mon guys, just admit you’re late to the party. (release)

Mashable’s Video Tool Index; a list-form resource for various online video projects and companies — you’ll recognize most of the names if you read NTV regularly. (Mashable)

Web Video Summit Hosts Startups; Om and I did a panel yesterday with a bunch of web video companies pitching VCs — here’s a good write-up. (Spark Minute)

Nielsen Buys Telephia; hopes to use the service to track mobile video views — with pending purchase of NetRatings, company can become a one-stop video view tracking shop. (NY Times)