AT&T Opens EDGE Pipe for iPhone and All Customers Benefit?

Now here’s a welcome surprise for my fellow AT&T wireless customers who aren’t on, or planning to be on, an iPhone line today. According to Wired, Endgadget, and this Howard Forums thread AT&T has flipped a switch on this fine iPhone launch day, and EDGE download speeds are considerably faster. Some are reporting a pretty dramatic increase. Makes sense, given that the #1 reviewer complaint on the iPhone seems to center around the slow EDGE data.

Of course, EDGE itself is as fast as it’s going to get. It’s no 3G. But if AT&T is doing whatever they need to do on their end to squeeze every last drop of bandwidth out of it who are we to complain? Let’s just hope that it isn’t a temporary burst.

I can’t accurately test on my Blackberry, but I do perceive a difference this morning. DSL reports has a mobile test application that works well on Windows Mobile devices. (via a tweet from Steve Rubel)

Are you phone-surfing a little faster this morning?