GigaOM on the road: Destination Tel-Aviv

If there is any place I have wanted to visit, it has been Israel. A country so closely linked with the technology industry, and one with a bloody and violent history, and yet one of the most fascination places on the planet. I have been invited to visit Israel to be part of a blogger conference.

This not only gives me a chance to meet my readers in Israel, it has also given me a chance to see the country itself. I am going to be immersed in the experience for next five days, so posting will be light. This is my first quasi-break in a year, and I hope not to post as much, or obsessively check email. My very able colleagues will keep the site simmering, but since a long holiday weekend is coming up – I am betting you will be spending time traveling or being with your families. If I don’t get back to you, or respond to your comments, you know why.

Of course, this also means that I am going to miss the main event: iPhone launch. As your correspondent I should be reporting on the biggest launch since iPhone, but frankly I am little iPhone-d out! Or as a gentle reader and a dear friend wrote:

Two Sexy things I don’t want to hear or read about anymore — Paris Hilton and the Damn iPhone, we want them so badly, but they come attached to so many constraints that bound you and take your freedom away.