Let Your Apple TV in on iPhone Mania

With all the attention given the iPhone over the last few weeks, I’ve started to feel sorry for the Apple TV. While the iPhone has been seen as one of Apple’s most important announcements ever, compared with the original Mac launch, the Apple TV continues to be, in comparison, seen as a hobby.

So, in our home, we let the Apple TV get in on some of the action. Here’s how you can as well.

Apple has been posting a great series of iPhone tutorials on their Web site this week, on the pace of one per day. Rather than watching in your Web browser, you can download the videos, transfer them to iTunes, synchronize with your Apple TV, and from the comfort of your living room, you can sit back and watch the iPhone videos on the big screen. I’ll tell you, it’s something to see the iPhone in much larger than life on our 42-inch plasma.

So it’s real simple.

1. Download the iPhone videos. (Found here)
2. Unzip the .zip file. (This results in a .mov QuickTime movie)
3. Open iTunes
4. Drag and drop the .mov file to the “Movies” section of iTunes.
5. Synchronize your Apple TV.
6. Turn on your TV set, put your Apple Remote in hand, and enjoy.

It’s not like having the iPhone yourself, but it’s pretty good. And this way, your Apple TV doesn’t feel like the red-headed stepchild as much as it might otherwise.