Display and control Windows Mobile with a PC for free

My_mobiler While having a Skype video-chat with James last night, I mentioned the need to see the screen of my T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile phone on a PC. While he was showing me some great features of his new phone purchase, I stumbled across a freeware application that will fit my needs and then some. My Mobiler is a free piece of software that not only displays your Windows Mobile device on a PC screen for screen caps, it also lets you remotely control the device from the PC; you can even cut and paste info between the two devices. It’s actually quite useful on my 7-inch UMPC. My Q1P touchscreen was usable for the softkeys or item selection and I could use the TIP keyboard to enter text.

I wanted this type of application so I could show cleaner videos of Windows Mobile applications and features, so you can expect to see much higher quality handheld screen videos over the days and weeks ahead. I’m actually looking at a nice application right now on the Dash, so once I get a little more familiar with it, you’ll see a short segment right here. Meanwhile, if you want to view your WinMo handheld on a PC or remotely control it, hit up the My Mobiler site for the free app. It supports Windows Mobile 2003 and up and you’ll need ActiveSync or WMDC installed.