Tuesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Goodnight Burbank Rip-off on Fox? Reader Jeff notes the similarity between new Fox show Back to You (preview above) and everyone’s favorite newsroom parody, Goodnight Burbank.

Sped-up Ads Still Effective, with biometric monitoring showing that DVR users who fast forward through ads still respond physiologically. (NY Times)

NBBC Will Shut Down, and be rolled into NewCo operations — as PaidContent points out, this leaves content partners in the lurch. (Multichannel News via PaidContent)

FeedBeat Helps Create Video Channels; new service that compiles a playlist of pre-recorded clips from video-sharing sites into a streaming feed. (Mashable)

Ask Al Gore, the former Vice President will talk global warming in a live webcast Thursday with questions posed for viewers like you before the Live Earth show. (TreeHugger)