News Videos, what are they good for… Relevance

It was exactly a year ago – long before Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion – I had pointed out that the video bubble was getting out of control. Well, it seems like I was a tad too early, for funding has flown freely into video companies/start-ups, and the buzz continues to grow around everything-online-video. “With a pinch of video all your troubles will go away,” quips Liz over on NewTeeVee.

This is especially true of news sites that are using video clips, but Pete Clifton, head of BBC News Interactive recently said that video for the sake of video is going to be trouble, and in the end might turn off viewers. He points out relevance as crucial for news video clips, if media giants want to harness the power of video properly. I think one of the better examples of the relevant use of video is by David Pogue over on The New York Times.