Fishy Math, Facebook, and comScore

comScore released some data about Facebook, which says they are growing really really fast. Of course, if you were a Facebook user you would know that – now that everyone wants to be everyone’s friend. I think the next data set will show even more growth, especially in the page views.

Why? Because it is a page view honey pot – there is not a button that can do one click delete/accept invites. Each time you approve someone, there is an annoying relationship page that comes up. I could go on and on. Just wondering if that does juice up average minutes per visitor? Okay maybe I am just being too snarky this morning: jet-lag and lack of coffee.

For an even-snarkier view on the Facebook/comScore data, check out Alec Saunders’ post.

fembots.jpgComscore’s numbers don’t add up. Literally! They’re reporting 26,649,000 unique visitors, but their four categories add up to 25,449,00. Who are the phantom 1.2 million unique ageless visitors?