Nokia releases firmware upgrade for N800- Skype is there!

Skype_on_nokia_n800Kevin first shocked the world when he announced that Nokia would be soon releasing Skype for the N800 Internet Tablet.  N800 owners have been chomping at the bit to get Skype running on the capable Internet Tablet.  Wait no more, faithful N800 owners, as Nokia has released a firmware upgrade that adds Skype among other things.  The upgrade also adds Flash support, something owners have been clamoring for too.  Nokia also claims that performance has been improved over the previous firmware version.  I know I’ll be downloading this baby today as I can’t wait for Skype on the N800.  Hopefully they will soon support video calls using the internal web cam.  You’ll need the Internet Tablet Upgrade Wizard on your Windows PC to apply the firmware upgrade which you can find here.