So, where are the iPhone games?

iphoneplayingsupermario.jpg It’s got a large screen, a wireless Internet connection, and a touch interface a bit like the bestselling Nintendo DS, which you’d think would make it an ideal gaming platform. But for some reason, in all the avalanche of hype, I’ve read little or nothing about iPhone games. What happened?

There are a few tidbits out there, but as yet, more tantalizing than substantial.

A few weeks ago, for example, a tech blog reported a rumor that Apple and Nintendo would soon partner to sell games for the iPhone over iTunes. Which would be groundbreaking news, but as yet, still remains unconfirmed. In January there was a lot of early interest in iPhone as a gaming platform, by EA and other publishers– but so far, the only titles on the market seem to be simple indy games that are actually Flash titles converted for iPhone use. (Watch this YouTube video, for an example.)

So far, then, the apparent lack of iPhone games seems like a giant missed opportunity by developers, one that we’ll be keeping an eye on at GigaOM. (I fully admit that phone games are not my main forte, so I’m playing catch-up just as much as publishers evidently are.)

But I should open the question to all our iPhone-owning readers out there: are you interested in gaming on your gorgeous new Jesus phone?

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