AppleGeeks Interview – Part 2

Following up on part 1 of my interview with the creative minds behind, here’s what Ananth Panagariya had to say about his role in writing AppleGeeks.

TAB: I’m not sure which one of you came up with the idea, but where did the idea of AppleGeeks come from?

Ananth: Hawk’s older brother Mohammad had the domain lying around, and we’d been talking about starting a comic strip on the web. Hawk and I are both Apple fans, but for me it’s a preference and a fondness – for him, it’s a passion (maybe an obsession, hahaha).

TAB: Where do you get your material for each comic?

Ananth: Real life, often times. Sometimes it’s internet news, especially Apple news. At other times, it’s just stuff that comes out my imagination. Doing Applegeeks can be a fluid process – there’s times when Hawk will suggest ideas and I’ll suggest layouts.

TAB: Can you walk us through your creative process to write a comic?

Ananth: I’ll come to Hawk with an idea and we’ll toss it back and forth. Then I’ll write it out and we’ll go over it again. Often times we’ll get new ideas as we go back and forth. Sometimes Hawk will contribute a punchline – sometimes I’ll contribute a new approach to panel layout or describe a particular visual that has a certain desired impact.

TAB: Are you at all surprised at the number of readers you have now?

Ananth: Hah, of course. It was certainly a huge shock when we had our first big rise in readership, but even now, when we think it’s leveled off, we’ll get thrown for a loop. We’re still scratching our heads at it.

TAB: How long do you see yourself writing AppleGeeks? Is there going to be a time when you just get too busy?

Ananth: Hahahaha. Ahahahahahahahaha. Haaaahahahahahaha … sorry about that. It’s just that we’re always busy. If being busy were going to stop me, it would have stopped me a long time ago.

TAB: Which character is your “favorite” and why?

Ananth: It used to be Jayce, then it was Gina, but I think lately it’s been Eve. Her character is a lot of fun to explore, and since she has such a child-like disposition, she has a way of altering the dynamic between characters that works out in interesting ways.

TAB: I have to ask… are you picking up an iPhone?

Ananth: Not right off the bat – I’ll probably wait for the second version to come out. By then, most of the bugs will be worked out.