My iPhone Confession; AT&T has more coming


So after all the ranting and raving about not buying the iPhone, I bought one. Okay there I said it. I admit! I am an iPhone-y!

A visit to the Apple store, and one glance at the shiny pretty thing, I was smitten. I bought the 8 GB version, so it cost me pretty. How long I am going to stay enamored with this device… I can’t say?

When it comes to phones, being loyal just doesn’t work for. You have read the reviews elsewhere, so I am not going to bother writing one. It has been two days since I have had one and one conclusion: You Tube is stupid on iPhone. iChat would have been better.

In case you are looking to buy one, folks from AT&T say they have a fresh batch arriving tomorrow. Now that’s the only real information in this post.