MySpace: Don’t you forget about me

All this attention on Facebook must be getting under MySpace’s skin.

Despite posting good growth, the company is being treated as a carton of milk left in the open overnight. While Facebook is a rocket whose upward trajectory cannot be denied, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of MySpace’s death are highly exaggerated. To counter the perceptions, MySpace is going to launch a PR offensive tomorrow, touting its recent growth. (Read our previous post for the comparisons between two behemoths.)

The MySpace press release quotes a study by Forrester that shows that “nearly 80% of 12-17 year olds use MySpace at least weekly which is three times more than any other social network.” There are a lot of stats in the release, and while MySpace doesn’t use Facebook anywhere in the release, it is clear that they are the “closet competitor in the social networking category.” One interesting bit in the release: seriously strong international growth. MySpace UK, for example has over 10 million active users.

So why all the PR action? Two reasons: MySpace like any other social network cannot be perceived as being uncool. Like night clubs, an unhip social networks might as well shut down. Second reason, I believe is mostly to remind the developers that MySpace is still a good platform to write widgets for. As I said at the end of my previous post, this is a great derby to watch, and occasionally pontificate about.

PS: I promise, for rest of the week we are going to skip writing about Facebook and MySpace. Unless, someone decides to pay a gazillion dollars for Facebook.