Scott Rafer is Facebooking, launching Lookery

Scott Rafer would be a dangerous fellow if he were running a hedge fund. He would make momentum bets that would either pay-off or fizzle out. He does precisely that in the start-up world, when he finds a hot trend. Wi-Fi (WiFinder), Blog Search (Feedster), Blog Communities (MyBlogLog) and MashUps (Mashery.) Some of them pay-off, others fizzle out. But he keeps coming back…
So, what’s next for him: Facebook, Silicon Valley’s Furbie. He is launching an ad-network for Facebook apps.

In the comments section of our previous post about FBexchange, Rafer says he has teamed up with co-founder David Cancel, and the duo are launching a Facebook ad-network called Lookery. “Lookery, an ad network just for Facebook app publishers, is selling now and will be live in a week or so,” he writes. By the way Scott, 30Boxes people will be selling ads to. (Scott is still not talking to me for missing his wedding lunch, and communicates purely through the blog comments.)

Additional reading on Facebook marketing: Dave McClure has a post up where he says, “people are still pretty clueless on how best to design & market their Facebook Apps.”

PS: If you are a VC, can you let us know how many pitches you have seen with Facebook in the presentation deck. If you are an entrepreneur, please let us know how many VCs have asked you about your Facebook strategy.