The SunRocket Is Down For The Count

The Sun Rocket it seems, has hit the deck. We had reported earlier that things were getting pretty tenuous at the VoIP services company. The Vienna, VA.-based company stopped taking new orders recently.

The company is said to have had massive layoffs and basically is down for the count. The rumors have been appearing in the comments section of our site and Broadband Reports. We have not been able to reach anyone at the company.

There was some talk that Magic Jack was going to acquire the company, but when we checked with Daniel Borislow, owner of Magic Jack, and he categorically denied and said that he is not buying SunRocket.

SunRocket co-founders left the company in February 2007. The company raised over $80 million in funding. If you are one of SunRocket’s 200,000 customers, we sympathize.

Update: A former SunRocket employee has his take on the meltdown at SunRocket, who writes on his blog: “Internally, SunRocket’s politics went further and further in preventing effective execution of the technology vision.”