CTIA Backs Qualcomm Bid For Presidential Veto Over 3G Import Ban

CTIA has called for the US president to veto the ITC order which limits the importation of certain mobile phone chips which infringe a Broadcom patent. The argument is that it will cause signficant damage to the economy, although I’m unsure as to why it isn’t encouragin Qualcomm to pay royalties for the patent it’s infringing. “The Brattle Group analysis concludes that the ITC order will cause direct economic harm to U.S. consumers and producers estimated to range between $4.3 and $21.1 billion, and will cause billions more in lost productivity across the U.S. economy…If the ITC order is allowed to stand, consumers will be denied access to innovative broadband products that promise to improve services and lower prices. According to the Brattle report, the direct economic harm to consumers alone could be as high as $17.7 billion” reports MobileCrunch. The PDF of the report reveals it was commissioned by Qualcomm (which is hardly a surprise) and stresses that it is not considering whether the chips do infringe the patent, just what the economic effect is…so the report is not arguing that the ITC order is injust or wrong, only pointing out the effect it will have.