Now That SunRocket Is Gone, What Should You Do?

Now that we can stick the fork in SunRocket, many of their customers are wondering, what should they do in order to keep their phone numbers working. There are many things you can do, but one thing you can’t: sit on your butt and not do anything.
As one former SunRocket employee explains, saving your phone number is not that difficult, because the numbers are not residing with SunRocket, but with one of their service provider partners such as Broadwing and Qwest. All you have to do is print out SunRocket’s statement, and tell the company you want to switch to, why you are doing it and use the statement as a proof.
Basically take your number and port it to any service you think is going to be around for a while. From Vonage to AT&T to Comcast or T-Mobile: take a pick and switch ASAP. I would stay away from independent VoIP providers – you don’t want a repeat of the SunRocket story. Let us know if we can help – any questions – we can ask our friends in the VoIP industry and get you some answers.