100 days of Jerry Yang

[qi:004] Jerry Yang, the new CEO (and cofounder) of Yahoo during a conference call with analysts following Yahoo’s lackluster Q2 2007 earnings said he is going to take a 100 days to review the entire operation. “There will be no sacred cows and we need to move quickly,” he said. Am I the only one who is wondering why he needs 100 days to review the business. Is the mess that bad, that it needs a 3-month review. Many of these problems (and problem products) have been developing for a while and he has been part of the company for a long time.
The single biggest problem Yahoo has on its hands: the advertising community has a perception of Yahoo being a laggard, and are not enamored by the great white hope, Panama. These match the findings of a study conducted by RBC Capital Markets & SearchIgnite which found that large branded advertisers continue to see better ROI on Google. The graphic says it all!

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