Dailymotion Fined $32,000 For French Movie Copyright Abuse

A court in Paris has ordered Dailymotion to pay damages for unlawfully carrying a clip from a 2005 movie by a French director. The Franco-centric video-sharing network included an excerpt from Joyeux Noël, a film drama about a Christmas truce during World War I directed by Christian Carion. The site was ordered to pay Carion a symbolic EUR 1, producers Nord-Ouest EUR 13,000 ($17,914) and distributors UGC EUR 10,000 ($13,780). It was ordered to publish the full ruling on its website for eight days and to remove the clip immediately. (Via Variety). Early this month, Dailymotion rolled out Audible Magic copyright detection software, but the software would not detect illegal clips uploaded before its implementation, the site said. Dailymotion publishes copyright and prohibited content notices on the site.