How to save your SunRocket Phone Number

[qi:027] Given the SunRocket debacle, many folks have emailed and asked us, how do we save our phone numbers. I called around and asked some of my sources about the easiest way to save your phone number. It is a fairly easy process, though you need to hurry.

  1. Go to the nearest wireless store.
  2. Sign-up for the service, and ask them to switch the number to their mobile service. Reason you want to do this is because mobile carriers are most efficient when it comes to number portability.
  3. You have 30 days to cancel the service. Make sure you switch your number to another voice service before those 30 days elapse.
  4. Cancel Wireless Service.

The trick would be to do it soon – like today. There is a good chance, people who actually own the numbers SunRocket was giving out to customers are going to freeze them, because they want to recoup their monies.
The two companies which own the phone numbers are Global Crossing and Level 3 Communications. I have emailed them, to find out their policies around this issue.
Why you need to do this will be explained in my longer post on why SunRocket failed, and the inside story.