O ModBook, ModBook! wherefore art thou ModBook?

Axiotron_modbookBack in May, we had heard that the ModBook would be shipping soon. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll all be waiting a bit longer for this modified Mac OS X Tablet. How long? Word on the web is that you’re looking at a fourth quarter delivery this year, but the good news is that pre-ordering is still possible. Or is that pre-pre-ordering? It’s a shame that not even a production sample is available at the moment; or perhaps it is and Microsoft Tablet MVPs aren’t allowed to play? The device was demonstrated at MacWorld, so at least one of ’em exists. 😉

The official reason for the delay is a parts shortage, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what part would be hard to get. More to follow for sure…I’m pinging a PR contact for Other World Computing to see if there’s any additional info.