Packet8 Picks Up SunRocket Orphans

[qi:014] This just in: Packet 8 has been selected as the replacement VoIP service provider for SunRocket customers whose service has been disrupted by SunRocket’s demise.

Under terms of the agreement, Packet8 will waive all regular start up costs associated with its residential service plans plus offer one free month of service, a value of over $100. You can get more information by calling +1-866-TRY-VOIP, option 2

Now this is less than what meets the eye.
SunRocket screwing its customers one more time, even in death. Makes my blood boil. Packet8 should be happy – they don’t have to spend ungodly amounts to acquire customers; poor sods are already paddling up the shit creek in a leaky canoe.

Free first month of service applies to Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Global, and Freedom Fax plans only. Applicable taxes apply. 8×8 is not acquiring the assets of SunRocket, nor can it honor any prepaid amounts paid to SunRocket. Since SunRocket equipment will not work with the Packet8 service, new equipment will be needed to make use of the Packet8 service subject to 8×8, Inc. Terms and Conditions.