Dash – Quicksilver for Windows

Yes, this is The Apple Blog. However, as many of our readers cross over [to the dark side] for work, or maybe aspire to be mac owners one day, i think it’s useful to point out Dash for Windows. So who cares? Any Quicksilver users out there should care, at least if they’re frequently stuck in the world of Windows.
Dash is the latest attempt for the Microsoft platform to emulate the power, flexibility, and usefuleness of Blacktree’s Quicksilver. There have been several popping up in the past year, with just as many disappointments (in this Quicksilver-addict’s opinion). But on the surface, Dash seems to be a great step in the right direction. It’s clean, and looks mighty fine, and the functionality is even fairly fluid – at least moreso than it’s Windows-based competition.
Worth a try if you spend more than a little time on Windows…Course it’ll cost you $20 to register under the special pre-release pricing – $50 normally. (Quicksilver by the way, is free.)