Pier Screenings Broadcast Round the World

VeodiaThe newest installment of NewTeeVee’s Pier Screenings series is coming up next Tuesday, July 24, and we’re bringing the show on the road…kind-of. We will be streaming the event live for the first time using Veodia’s video broadcasting service. Craig recently covered Veodia and liked it enough that we thought we’d give it a try ourselves. Veodia’s browser-based service enables anyone with a camera, computer, and connection to broadcast high-quality video over the net. Join us next Tuesday on Veodia if you can’t be here in person.
For those of you who haven’t registered yet, we have some more incentive for you to RSVP now. We have new sponsors and a bunch of great raffle prizes for attendees.

  • First up, we have VideoClix joining as a Gold sponsor. VideoClix is a monetization solution based on hypervideo. It allows viewers to click on objects in video and purchase products, cast votes, and get more info on the clicked items without having to stop the video. VideoClix will be giving away a one-year license to its tools valued at $5000 at the Pier Screening.
  • Next up, Kiptronic has been added as a Silver sponsor. Kiptronic has built a technology for rich media content publishers that provides automated ad insertion and campaign management services for downloadable media.
  • Our series-long sponsors are also kicking in some more raffle prizes. Fabrik will be raffling off three large SimpleTech drives — 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB. Our co-host, Metacafe, also has some cool schwag in the works.
  • Music at the event will be provided by Om Records. They’ll also be on hand giving out CD compilations to guests.
  • And last but not least, a big thanks to vod:pod for being a long-time Fan of NewTeeVee.

So, go vote on the Pier Screenings site and come see your favorite videos live in person or on broadcast.