AT&T Responds to Google Bid

attlogo.pngThings are getting exciting and the mud-slinging continues. Nothing like big companies going at each other to make a Friday more exciting. Google intends to be a bidder in wireless auctions for the 700 MHz spectrum, and their new proposal doesn’t sit well with AT&T. (Surprise! Surprise!) Jim Cicconi, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President, External and Legislative Affairs in a written statement emailed to us said:

Not satisfied with a compromise proposal from Chairman Martin that meets most of its conditions, Google has now delivered an all or nothing ultimatum to the U.S. Government, insisting that every single one of their conditions “must” be met or they will not participate in the spectrum auction.
Google is demanding the Government stack the deck in its favor, limit competing bids, and effectively force wireless carriers to alter their business models to Google’s liking. We would repeat that Google should put up or shut up— they can bid and enter the wireless market with any business model they prefer, then let consumers decide which model they like best.