What about the people?

[qi:006] Sometime later today, there is a good chance Amp’d, the beleagured mobile virtual network provider will turn off its service, leaving over 100,000 of its customers in the lurch. A few days ago, SunRocket shuttered its doors, leaving 200,000 subscribers in the lurch.
While creditors and carriers get their money, the poor sods who end up trying out these new services are left holding the bag – out of either phone numbers, or in some cases a livelihood. It is unfair and amoral.
The executives often fail upwards, and the common man pays the price. It is in fact become a ritual, common place in modern life. While today we have two telecom service providers going out of business, leaving people twisting in the wind, tomorrow it could be dozens of tiny start-ups who are asking us to trust them with our data that could be gone? What happens then? Where does our private information go? Does it become something creditors can pawn off for a few shekels?
And why limit it to start-ups? Yahoo decided to shut down its Yahoo! Photos and focus instead on Flickr. If you forget to switch or rescue your photos – tough luck, because Yahoo isn’t going to be there to help you out.
Is this the new reality of our modern digital lives?