Real-Life Mashups: Beyond YouTube Presidential Debate Questions

Presumably you haven’t been living under a rock, so you know that CNN and YouTube just hosted a presidential debate in which allegedly normal people got to use YouTube to ask questions of the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. By all media accounts, this was a success, meaning that we can look forward to more of this crossover between Web 2.0 and daily life in the future. Here’s some wild speculation about where this trend could lead us if we’re not careful:
The Twittermarket – No need to bring your grocery list to the supermarket any more. Just punch your Twitter user id into the wifi-enabled cart, and the people on your contact list can remind you of everything that you said you were out of over the last week. The fact that all your friends will know if you dine exclusively on ice cream and donuts provides a powerful incentive to stick to your diet, too.
President, meet Nerds – Fully-embracing the high-tech future, the next administration throws out the old media reporters and invites the SlashDot crew to moderate their press conferences instead. The Secret Service goes crazy trying to read all the commentary with their filters set at -1 to catch the crazies.
Fantasy Sports Become Reality – A major pro sports franchise at the bottom of its league hits upon fan interactivity as a means to revive flagging home-town interest. They set up a duplicate stadium in Second Life and hold a lottery to pick lucky fans to run the avatars of their favorite players, with the intent of running “user-contributed plays” at key points in the next game. Major problem: the coaches can’t find tails, wings, and jet-packs to equip the real-life players with when game time rolls around.
Digg Enforcement – We all know how well the “wisdom of crowds” works, why not apply it to traffic laws? In conjunction with a trendsetting Western state, Digg adds a new section featuring snapshots from traffic cams. If your license plate gets +50 diggs or more, you get issued a citation.
Remember, if any of these ideas come to pass, we expect a cut of the profits here at WWD. Feel free to contribute your own Reality 2.0 mashup ideas in the comments.