SnagIt to OneNote 2007 introduced

Onenote_sm_2I just got back from running the kids around and see a direct Twitter tweet to me from Kathy Jacobs. Great news out of TechSmith today with the introduction of a SnagIt to OneNote accessory! This plug-in allows you to take any of your SnagIt screen clips and shoot them from the preview mode right to OneNote. You can mod the location of where to send your ‘snag’ to any place in your OneNote notebooks.

While the SnagIt to OneNote tool is free, SnagIt itself isn’t. Both SnagIt and Camtasia Studio are well worth the price IMO, but Kathy’s got a free license key for each of these two products. You’ll need to drop her a comment in this post, so check out all of the details and be sure to enter by August 1st. Thanks for the Tweet, Kathy!