What to do with that old cell phone? CellForCash

CellforcashI caught wind of this during Chris Pirillo’s recent unboxing video of the phone he said he’d never buy. In fairness, he didn’t buy the iPhone to replace his Cingular Blackjack: tomorrow is Chris’s 34th birthday and Ponzi bought him an 8 GB model for him.

During his video, one of the chat participants asked if they could have Chris’s Blackjack and he mentioned CellForCash. This site purchases used cell phones from consumers and they have quite an extensive offering list. I did a quick search on my VZW XV6700 (in the form of the Audiovox PPC-6700) for example and saw that it’s worth $92 from CellForCash. While you could always eBay or sell you phone privately, this is a nice no-hassle way to get a check for your old phone. Probably also worth mentioning that another great option is to donate your handset so that it can be used by others for emergency calling. No cash to you for that, but you’ll know that you’re helping others with mobile tech. BTW, Chris: if you don’t like that 8GB iPhone after 14 days, you could get $420 back from CellForCash. 😉