Hey Mom… I am on GigaOM TV

Last evening at a small gathering at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, we launched The GigaOM Show, a talk-show format Internet video show, cohosted by myself and Joyce Kim. The show is produced in partnership with Revision 3. (Event photos, thanks Scott.)
And it is truly a partnership – Joyce and I handle the editorial component of the show, from picking headlines and deciding on guests. Folks at Rev3 do what they know best – make awesome video, and handle the sales and production part of the show. [digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/Revision3_Gigaom_DiggNation_without_Beer_but_with_a_hott_cohost]
The back story on the genesis of the show is that Kevin Rose (co-founder of Digg and Revision 3) and I were on Cranky Geeks together. After the taping of that show he asked me why I didn’t do it regularly. My answer – I cannot deal with production and all that stuff. We talked about making a show that discussed some of the hot stories and have conversations with folks in the technology business, at the same time had some fun. Over a period of three months, we bounced around with the idea and finally decided that a talk show format would work best for us.
Joyce and I had met a while ago, and I was struck by her intelligence, the analytical nature of her questions, and her ability to put everyone around her at ease. She made a perfect partner for this endeavor – and she graciously accepted. Since then, it has been a lot of work.
Unlike blogging/writing which comes naturally to me, video is a different format, and needs different skills. Sure I have done some television spots before, and been on Cranky Geeks, but this has been a learning experience, and I still feel I am in pre-school. It is a start. We are learning, tweaking, adapting and evolving the show.
Some of you have been kind enough to share your thoughts, offered suggestions, and all of those are fantastic. It is only going to help us get better. I hope as we get our sea legs, this show will become part of your online life in some fashion in the near future. But before I go, a big UP to Rev3’s David Prager, Martin Sargeant, Sarah Lane and Joey Rabier for pulling this show together.
The first episode, about 27 minutes long features 5 Hitlines, and conversation with HotorNot co-founder James Hong and Bill Watkins, CEO of disk drive maker, Seagate. You can watch it here, or download it from the Revision 3 site or just add it to your RSS feed reader.