Weekend Reader

ThinkFree invitations — Want to try ThinkFree, an online document editor? It’s in closed beta, but if you want a free premium account good through sometime late next year, send an email to [email protected]. The first 50 people to send an email will get instructions on how to get an account. [ThinkFree Online Beta]
The gap between smartphone and laptop — Wall Street Journal columnist Jeremy Wagstaff identifies a hole in our lives: gadgets bigger and better for browsing than smartphones but much more portable than a laptop, allowing “digital grazing” on social networks, blogs, podcasts, and so forth. He points to the Nokia N800 Internet tablet as an example of a device aiming at this gap. If you’re a Wall Street Journal subscriber, see his column about the hole here, otherwise you’ll have to make do with his blog post description. [loose wire blog]
Work from home and make money online — Alfa Mercado has put together a list of ten blogs that will help you do just that. And she mentions Web Worker Daily on her list. Thanks, Alfa! [Apple Door Says NO to Bunch Clocks via Work From Home Momma]
Add events to GCal from Twitter — Add gcal as your friend, authorize access to your Google Calendar Account, then add events by sending a direct message to gcal. [Twittercal]
Get your RSS by email — MailBucket offers a public email-to-RSS gateway. Just forward your email to <your-choice>@mailbucket.org, then grab the RSS at mailbucket.org/<your-choice>.xml. Great for high traffic mailing lists that you’d rather read as news than email. [MailBucket]
Do yoga at your desk — Four online videos to help counter the effects of sitting at your desk for long hours. Each video about the length of a coffee break. [Alberta Centre for Active Living via LiveDev]
Time to cut back on caffeine? — Starbucks U.S. prices on coffee, lattes, and other drinks will go up on average 9 cents each due to higher dairy and production costs. [FOXNews.com]
Find wifi hotspots with your iPod — No, the iPod isn’t yet wifi-enabled but that doesn’t mean you can’t store a database of U.S. wifi hotspots on it using its Notes capability. [Forbes.com]