Audio: LA Mid-Year Digital Media Review

LA Mid Year Review @ WGA TheaterOur LA Mid-Year Digital Media Review Panel at the WGA Theater last week featured five execs who discussed a range of issues in the digital media industry, and included: Deanna Brown, President, Interactive, Scripps Networks; Greg Clayman, EVP Digital Distribution & Business Development, MTV Networks; Mitch Lasky, General Partner, Benchmark Capital; Ross Levinsohn, former president, Fox Interactive; and Brian Weinstein, CAA.
The discussion started with MySpace vs Facebook, and then everyone chimed in about the future of Facebook and the larger implications; then moved to how bigger media companies are incorporating and working with such platforms; on the mobile side, the upcoming spectrum auction and how it has the potential to open up a whole new industry as open content flow on handsets and networks; and many more topics.
Full audio of the panel can be streamed below, or can be downloaded here (70 mins, 28 MB)…we messed up a bit on the recording, so the quality isn’t great (use the headphone while listening…that’ll help), but Emile Bourquin of The Podcast Brothers gave it his best shot to clear up the audio. Thanks Emile!
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