Reid Hoffman invests in

[qi:012] Broadband is the best friend of those who use the Web2.0 to reinvent the boring, the old fashioned and the antiquated. That theory of ours has been proved by the early success of SpreadShirt and Threadless. And of late, we are seeing an increasing number of start-ups,, for example, join the party.
One start-up that has impressed us most is, a Waltham, MA.-based outfit that connects families to “qualified care givers with a national network of trusted providers.” The company which has raised $3.5 million in Series A funding from Matrix Partners, is also the latest investment by Reid Hoffman, godfather of Web 2.0 start-ups, and also co-founder of LinkedIn. We are still waiting to hear from him about why he invested in
If you are a busy parent in desperate need for a baby sitter or a nanny and don’t have time to get in touch with agencies, then is your one stop shop.
You can find care professionals in your zip code, access their resumes and read reviews of their past performance. Of course there is a $10-a-month fee to pay for this ease of use, but the idea is so ridiculously simple, that you wonder why there hasn’t been an exchange like this before.
The idea came to Sheila Marcelo, a former executive at TheLadders (read disclosure at the bottom of the post), a NY-based recruitment service, when she moved back to Boston and joined Matrix Partners as an entrprenuer-in-residence.
She had a tough time finding a nanny and after some research realized that this was a problem for modern parents, juggling many different roles. Since launching in May 2007, the year-old-service has attracted a few thousand “parents” who are happy to pay the $10 a month fee.
Marcelo, was reticent about sharing the revenue numbers, but given that the service is only three-months-old, we will cut her some slack. So what’s next for this company? How about health care professionals for the aging baby boomers?