Amp’d Mobile Customers Being Courted By Prexar Mobile; Prexar Buys Customer Assets

Updated Below: I just got a strange text on my Amp’d phone, which as we know will be turned off midnight tomorrow: “Keep your Ampd phone and get 100 free TXT by switching to Prexar Mobile. For info, go to“. This probably means Amp’d has done some sort of deal to transition over customers to this service, even though many have already switched over to Verizon Wireless, after the initial warning a week ago. Turns out this Prexar mobile is owned by the same company (United Systems Access Telecom, Inc. ) that owns VOIP service Teleblend, which in turn is courting disgruntled customers form the now closed-down VOIP service SunRocket.
Looks like Prexar is a post-paid only plan. It says on the website: “Prexar Mobile is working hard to provide Amp’d customers with an easy and effortless transition…Sign up now by switching your existing service provided by Amp’d and receive up to 100 standard text messages for FREE. This offer excludes premium, picture and video text messaging and is valid for your first month of service only.”
I am not sure Amp’d customers are really looking to go in with another no-name recognition service for now.
Updated: Prexar has come out with a release saying “it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire strategic wireless assets of Amp’d Mobile.” I couldn’t find anything to this effect in the bankruptcy court files, though.
RCR: Bill Fogg, CEO of USA Telephone, the company behind the Prexar brand, said Amp’d Mobile customers will have to act fast: They have until tomorrow evening to transfer their service without interruption. Customers will likely still be able to transfer service for a short time after Amp’d Mobile shuts off its service, he added, but the time frame is still unclear….Fogg said Prexar