Devicescape: simple, free WiFi network configuration synching

DevicescapeOne of the minor annoyances of using multiple devices in multiple locations is constantly configuring the WiFi settings. Hop into a new WiFi area and you might have SSID and network key attributes to enter. Bring a new device to a previously used network and you’re entering the same information again, wasting time. It can become a real chore and something that’s frustrating as I drop in on new coffee shops and bookstores during my travels. That’s why I was thrilled to read about Devicescape over at MoDaCo.

Devicescape is a freeonline service and client in beta that stores all of your wirelessnetwork information. Not only does it store that data so that you neverhave to enter the same network information twice (or more), but itsmartly syncs that data with your wireless devices. If you have a newdevice, or rebuild an old one, you simply install the Devicescapeclient and your device is automatically configured to use the networksyou have registered. There’s a bit more to it though, as it seems thatDevicescape wants to become a "hotspot yellow pages" if I’m reading itcorrectly. It appears that you can share network details with yourfriends, so I would caution folks to be careful what networkcredentials you share.

Regardless of that warning, the service sounds impressive; even more sowhen you consider that it works on a wide swath of devices. There’ssupport for Windows Mobile, Windows, Mac OS X, Nokia Internet Tablets,Nokia N- and E-Series phones, and the Linksys WIP300 VoIP phone.